Achilles Tendinitis

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Achilles Tendinitis is characterized by a sharp shooting pain found in the Achilles heel and is often caused by the inflammation and degeneration of the Achilles tendon.

The Achilles tendon attaches the heel of the foot to your calf muscles and is the toughest tendon in your whole body. Achilles tendinitis may arise around the back of the foot and you usually will experience a sharp, continual pain whilst walking or running on the top of your heel.

There are lots of different things that can cause Achilles tendinitis to develop the most common are

・ Standing far too long can put excessive pressure on your Achilles and cause it to become inflamed as a result
・ Over pronation of the foot when walking or running can cause tightening of the plantar fascia which is connected to the Achilles tendon also causing that to become tighter and more prone to inflammation
・ Poorly fitted shoes that places pressure on the Achilles tendon

Regardless if you are an expert athlete or just regular guy suffering from Achilles tendinitis, you will have to make sure that your Achilles tendon is protected for it to heal properly. One of the ways that you can better protect your Achilles tendon is to wear shoe insoles. There are a range of different shoe insoles from full length insoles that will support your whole foot and correct pronation to more simpler heel cups that will help to ease your Achilles pain and stop it from getting further damaged.

Why not try our full length orthotics?
Our orthotic Full Length Insoles can do more than just help ease your Achilles tendinitis, they also can help to give your feet a superb level of all-round support that helps to protect them from a plethora of foot injuries. By supporting your your feet with our full length insoles you will feel a huge difference in the comfort of your shoes, what is more our insoles help to correct pronation reducing strain on your arches and preventing your Achilles tendinitis from getting worse.

Why not try a pair of gel insoles?
Whilst walking, shock is normally transferred throughout your heel for the Achilles tendon and overtime this shock can cause your Achilles tendon to degenerate. Created from shock absorbing silicone gel, our shock absorbing insoles are designed to lessen the level of pressure and shock on your feet. Their honeycomb gel construction will give your feet the very best long-lasting support!These insoles are ideal if you are looking for just about any occasion as they can be fitted into normal dress shoes or running shoes quickly and easily.

Why not try our Heel cups?
If you are looking for a pair of insoles that are light weight and can be fitted into just about any type of shoes then we recommend you check out our range of heel cups. Heel cups are a great compact orthotic devices that will help to support your heel and stop shock damaging your Achilles and making your tendinitis worse.

Pronation and Supination are two very common causes of Achilles tendinitis. Both of these circumstances cause extra strain in the Achilles tendon sometimes they go they would and as a result-in-hand with tendinitis.

Why not try a pair of our insoles for excessive pronation?
Wearing Pronation and Supination Foot corrective insoles is an easy cure for keeping the ankles and your Achilles protected. These insoles are discrete yet effective and are an convenient solution aimed at providing you with a mild arch support stopping you from supinating or pronating your feet.

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